Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog.  I popped over there and there are loads of bloggers getting involved and linking up – more than 100.  Thought I’d give it a go too!

Dear cold.  I really do think it’s time for you to buzz off now.  I’ve been ill for 3 weeks on and off, and I’m ready to get back to normal, thanks.

Dear David Cameron and the government.  Doing an Italian presentation on gay marriage today has reminded me just how strongly I feel about this.  Thank you so much for finally doing something right – your decision last week made me proud to be British!

Dear Mary Shelley.  Sorry, but despite my best efforts I’m really not getting all the fuss about Frankenstein.  It’s the shortest book on my bookshelf at the moment, but I’m finding it a massive effort to plough through.  I’m about halfway through, so here’s hoping it picks up soon.

Dear bank account.  I’m sorry for stretching you so much over the last few weeks with my weakness for expensive beauty products.  I’m not sure where this has come from – I never used to care.

Dear beauty blogs.  Actually, I think you might be to blame for all the beauty spending.  Let’s hope this doesn’t become a problem!

Dear dancing.  I always miss you when I haven’t practised for a while.  I’m so glad we’re getting properly reacquainted again.

Lots of love,

From Sarah x

I’ve joined Bloglovin’!

In a move towards becoming a real proper blogger (if such a thing exists) I’ve joined Bloglovin’, to make it easier to follow my blog if you’re not a WordPress user.  If you don’t already use it, Bloglovin’ is just a way to keep your favourite blogs together, and it’ll let you know when they’re updated.  If you have an account, you have no excuse for not following me!

Just click on this link, or on the button that should hopefully be appearing very soon in my sidebar.

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Looking forward to getting chatting with some new followers!

Book Love: Classics Club Book 1 – Rebecca

You’ll all be thrilled to know, I’m sure, that I did in fact begin my Classics Club challenge last month as planned, but have just now got around to reviewing my first book – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.  I picked this up from the Oxfam shop and devoured it in under a week (I was working full days at the same time, so that’s more impressive for me than it sounds!).

I adored this book and genuinely couldn’t put it down – it caused a few late nights of midnight reading, which doesn’t often happen for me with grown-up books.  If you want to read a serious book, but aren’t a fan of Dickens-esqe classics, I would completely recommend Rebecca.  It comes across at first a bit of predictable chick-lit but really is anything but.  There are so many themes and literary references underlying the story and I thought the characters were fantastic.

I didn’t know anything about the story before reading it, and I’m really glad of this so don’t want to give anything away.  I’ll just say that I didn’t find the story totally ridiculous, but it definitely didn’t turn out as I expected and for me it was a total page turner.  On a similar note, I read the Virago edition with the same cover as this picture, but Sally Beauman wrote the introduction in my copy.  If you haven’t read Rebecca before, definitely don’t read the introduction first.  I found it really interesting for adding a bit of literary analysis, but it does give a lot of the story away too.

I’m so glad I bought a copy of this book, because it’s definitely going on my re-reads pile.  Even though I know the story now, I still reckon I’ll get a lot out of the second reading, and I’ll probably pick up on loads that I missed before.  There are a lot of layers to this book, but it’s totally possible to enjoy it without delving into all the detail.

A wonderful start to my Classics Club reading, and I’m definitely off to track down some more Du Maurier books now.  Any recommendations?  I’m totally at a loss for where to go next, so any advice in the comments would be much appreciated!