Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog. This is only my second attempt, but I think it’s such a lovely idea.

Dear family.  I love coming home from uni for the holidays, mainly because all I have to do is spend time with you for a fortnight.  This time I got to spend a full day and a half looking after my little brother and sister on my own, and I loved it!  I miss you so much when I’m in Bath.

Dear Trafford Centre.  And indeed all other shopping centres.  I must stop visiting you so often!  It is not at all good for my purse, but is rather excellent for my wardrobe.  So thank you for all the goodies I discovered on Wednesday.

Dear Mary Shelley.  I’m still having issues with Frankenstein – must finish it soon!

Dear Anne Sebba.  I’m sure you’re a lovely lady in many ways, but your biography of Wallis Simpson is not good.  I will read the last half of your book because it’s an interesting subject, but can we please pick up the pace a bit?

Dear Easter.  Not being religious, you will always be the chocolate holiday for me.  Not that that’s a bad thing at all – bring on the Easter eggs!

Dear Malteaster bunnies.  What is in you to make you so addictive?!  Thank goodness you’re limited edition so you can’t become a year-round obsession!

Dear Saturday.  I cannot wait for you this weekend!  Looking forward to the annual Easter egg hunt with my little brother and sister and the rest of my stepmum’s family.  Made even better by the fact that my dad can come this year!  A good weekend is ahead…

Lots of love,

From Sarah x


Do you have exciting plans for the Easter weekend?

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