(Belated) Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog. Sorry it’s a bit late this week, but I was feeling particularly lazy yesterday!  I still have plenty of letters to write though.

Dear Manchester.  For possibly the first time, I’m actually quite sad to be leaving you on Sunday to go back to Bath.  I’ve had a lovely Easter break at home spending time with the family and I’m going to miss them all A LOT this term.

Dear Bath.  Much as I will miss Manchester, there are far worse places I could live.  I’m glad to be coming home to you, but need to get seriously started soon on my bucket list of things to do before I leave Bath in June.  I feel a blog post coming on…

Dear salted caramel chocolate brownies.  I’ve made you before and you were wonderful.  Why oh why did you go so horribly wrong yesterday, just when I needed to convince my mum of your wonderfulness?  We need to get our relationship back on the right track because you were SO damn good the first time.  (Recipe’s here if you’re interested – I’m thinking of posting a UK-adapted version, so let me know if you’d be interested in that)

Dear beauty blogs.  You are still my weakness.  Please stop being so awesome so that I can reclaim some of my life that I spend reading you!  (Don’t really, I love all you beauty bloggers)

Dear Easter eggs.  I’m so proud of myself for not totally gorging on you already – making the love last longer!

Dear peroneal tendon.  According to the physio, you are the cause of my recent foot pain.  Pretty please heal soon, you’re stopping me dancing (and walking any kind of distance, but that’s obviously less important…)!  Discovery of the week: I do not cope well at all with injury.

Dear little brother and sister.  To end the post on a happy (if soppy) note, you have provided me with constant entertainment and love for the last couple of weeks.  I love your cuddle and kisses and jokes and games and YOU!

Lots of love,

From Sarah x

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