Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog. I thought it was such a lovely idea that I wanted to get involved to reflect on my week and look forward to the days to come.

Dear Summer Ball.  I am SO EXCITED for you tomorrow night.  Apart from being a good chance to wear a pretty dress (always appreciated), this is my last proper uni event before graduation.  I’m sure I’ll be sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I’m looking forward to the night out just the same.

Dear rain.  Pretty please stay away tomorrow night.  Feel free to come again on Sunday, but please don’t ruin my last Summer Ball!

Dear library.  Telling me I can’t take any more books out and that you’re taking away my email address is making me emotional!  I guess my time at University of Bath really is coming to an end…

Dear Isle of Wight festival.  Less than two weeks to go now until you, the last hurrah of my student life.  I am super excited to go to my first festival with people I love.  Now to track down some cheap wellies – any tips on what to pack would be greatly appreciated!

Dear baking ingredients.  You’ve been sitting patiently in my kitchen cupboard since before show/exam madness took over.  I think this week might be your week.  I see brownies in my near future.

Lots of love,

From Sarah x

What are you looking forward to this week?

(Belated) Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog. Sorry it’s a bit late this week, but I was feeling particularly lazy yesterday!  I still have plenty of letters to write though.

Dear Manchester.  For possibly the first time, I’m actually quite sad to be leaving you on Sunday to go back to Bath.  I’ve had a lovely Easter break at home spending time with the family and I’m going to miss them all A LOT this term.

Dear Bath.  Much as I will miss Manchester, there are far worse places I could live.  I’m glad to be coming home to you, but need to get seriously started soon on my bucket list of things to do before I leave Bath in June.  I feel a blog post coming on…

Dear salted caramel chocolate brownies.  I’ve made you before and you were wonderful.  Why oh why did you go so horribly wrong yesterday, just when I needed to convince my mum of your wonderfulness?  We need to get our relationship back on the right track because you were SO damn good the first time.  (Recipe’s here if you’re interested – I’m thinking of posting a UK-adapted version, so let me know if you’d be interested in that)

Dear beauty blogs.  You are still my weakness.  Please stop being so awesome so that I can reclaim some of my life that I spend reading you!  (Don’t really, I love all you beauty bloggers)

Dear Easter eggs.  I’m so proud of myself for not totally gorging on you already – making the love last longer!

Dear peroneal tendon.  According to the physio, you are the cause of my recent foot pain.  Pretty please heal soon, you’re stopping me dancing (and walking any kind of distance, but that’s obviously less important…)!  Discovery of the week: I do not cope well at all with injury.

Dear little brother and sister.  To end the post on a happy (if soppy) note, you have provided me with constant entertainment and love for the last couple of weeks.  I love your cuddle and kisses and jokes and games and YOU!

Lots of love,

From Sarah x

Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog. This is only my second attempt, but I think it’s such a lovely idea.

Dear family.  I love coming home from uni for the holidays, mainly because all I have to do is spend time with you for a fortnight.  This time I got to spend a full day and a half looking after my little brother and sister on my own, and I loved it!  I miss you so much when I’m in Bath.

Dear Trafford Centre.  And indeed all other shopping centres.  I must stop visiting you so often!  It is not at all good for my purse, but is rather excellent for my wardrobe.  So thank you for all the goodies I discovered on Wednesday.

Dear Mary Shelley.  I’m still having issues with Frankenstein – must finish it soon!

Dear Anne Sebba.  I’m sure you’re a lovely lady in many ways, but your biography of Wallis Simpson is not good.  I will read the last half of your book because it’s an interesting subject, but can we please pick up the pace a bit?

Dear Easter.  Not being religious, you will always be the chocolate holiday for me.  Not that that’s a bad thing at all – bring on the Easter eggs!

Dear Malteaster bunnies.  What is in you to make you so addictive?!  Thank goodness you’re limited edition so you can’t become a year-round obsession!

Dear Saturday.  I cannot wait for you this weekend!  Looking forward to the annual Easter egg hunt with my little brother and sister and the rest of my stepmum’s family.  Made even better by the fact that my dad can come this year!  A good weekend is ahead…

Lots of love,

From Sarah x


Do you have exciting plans for the Easter weekend?

Friday’s Letters

I first spotted a Friday’s Letters post over at Bev’s Confuzzledom blog, but the original idea came from The Sweet Season Blog.  I popped over there and there are loads of bloggers getting involved and linking up – more than 100.  Thought I’d give it a go too!

Dear cold.  I really do think it’s time for you to buzz off now.  I’ve been ill for 3 weeks on and off, and I’m ready to get back to normal, thanks.

Dear David Cameron and the government.  Doing an Italian presentation on gay marriage today has reminded me just how strongly I feel about this.  Thank you so much for finally doing something right – your decision last week made me proud to be British!

Dear Mary Shelley.  Sorry, but despite my best efforts I’m really not getting all the fuss about Frankenstein.  It’s the shortest book on my bookshelf at the moment, but I’m finding it a massive effort to plough through.  I’m about halfway through, so here’s hoping it picks up soon.

Dear bank account.  I’m sorry for stretching you so much over the last few weeks with my weakness for expensive beauty products.  I’m not sure where this has come from – I never used to care.

Dear beauty blogs.  Actually, I think you might be to blame for all the beauty spending.  Let’s hope this doesn’t become a problem!

Dear dancing.  I always miss you when I haven’t practised for a while.  I’m so glad we’re getting properly reacquainted again.

Lots of love,

From Sarah x