The Fear

FearI have The Fear.  Any student reading will know exactly what I’m talking about.  That’s right, it’s essay deadline time again!

This time next week I have to produce two 4000 word essays, and The Fear has only just hit.  The Fear is that awful sinking feeling that you get, generally a few days before deadline, when you start cursing yourself for your utter lack of previous productivity while believing that you have no hope of ever producing a decent piece of work now you’ve left it to the last minute.

Happily I have actually done a fair amount of research for both these essays (a better position than I have been in previously) and have some idea of what I’m writing. So all I need now is a plan to get there without too much of a crazy last minute panic.  In the hope of actually committing myself to this, here, written down in all the publicity of the internet, is my plan:

Starting point
Essay 1: 839 words
Essay 2: 226 words

Monday: Both essays to over 1000 words each

Tuesday: Essay 1 to at least 2000 words

Wednesday: Essay 2 to at least 2000 words

Thursday: Essay 1 to at least 3000 words

Friday: Essay 2 to at least 3000 words

Saturday: Essay 1 to 4000 words

Sunday: Essay 2 to 4000 words

Monday: Mad last minute catchup and checking


A simple plan, I know, but hopefully effective!  At the moment I don’t feel in any kind of position to give advice to anyone, but if this actually works out I’ll aim to do a follow up “top tips” kind of blog post.  If nothing else, it might help me next semester to follow my own advice!

Until then, if anyone wants any info on the Italian Anti-Mafia or Transitions to Democracy in Slovakia and Nicaragua, I’m your girl!