Sort-Of Resolutions Mid-Year Update

I know that according to my (flexible) new blogging schedule I was supposed to be popping up a beauty blog today, but I wasn’t really inspired by any beauty-related ideas and didn’t have any photos ready anyway, so instead I thought I’d take another look at the “sort-of resolutions” I posted on New Year’s Eve.

This seems like a sensible time to check and update my resolutions, not only because it’s now June, but also because I’ve finished university and am preparing for the next stage in my life – and year.  So it’s time to rethink my goals ready for when I start Teach First and based on what I’ve been enjoying.

  1. Complete at least one reading challenge – most likely the Tea and Books Challenge.
    I’ll be honest, this isn’t going too well.  I haven’t made any progress towards the Tea and Books Challenge, but it’s definitely something I’d still really like to achieve.  Once I’m settled in Bristol I’ll be getting myself to a library to get my hands on the books I need.  And until then I can use my reading time to get back on track with my Goodreads challenge of reading 50 books in 2013 – apparently I’m six books behind schedule!

  2. Sort of following on from 1., set up a bedtime reading habit.  I know, either middle aged or hideously childish, I’m not sure which.  But I want to read more and I enjoy it.  So there!
    This one has been hit and miss – probably the reason I’m behind on my Goodreads challenge.  When I do make time and remember to read before bed I really enjoy it, but I’ve discovered so many great blogs and YouTubers this year that I’m constantly distracted by the internet at bedtime!  The solution to getting this back on track is simple: develop some degree of self-control.  Done.

  3. Sort of following on from 2., start getting up earlier.  I am horrendous at this.  If I get less than 9 hours sleep per night for multiple nights, I become mildly useless.  So it logically follows that in order to get up earlier I must go to sleep earlier (also terrible at this).  From now on, bedtime reading and sleep at a reasonable hour.  At least four nights out of seven.  At least.  We’ll see how that goes.
    As above.  Must develop self-control.  Simple as.  This one is only going to become more important as I start Teach First – no more student lifestyle and lie-ins!

  4. Keep up a sensible amount of uni work.  This semester is, I think, the first since I started high school that I have been happy with.  Of course, it’s not finished yet, I still have two essays and an exam to pass, but I feel like I’ve got enough work done and have been happily (relatively) destressed.  If i can manage another semester of this I might actually stand a chance of getting through Teach First without too many tears!
    This one I actually have managed!  I’m genuinely happy with the amount of work I’ve put in this year, regardless of the result (though obviously I would be a bit gutted if my mark dropped to a 2:2), and I’ve been enjoying my course.  I still feel like I should be more productive and plan my time better to fit in everything I want to do, especially once I start working full time, but at least I have a good base for improvement.

Although it doesn’t seem like I’ve had much overall success, I’m actually pretty happy with how things have been going.  The most important thing for me is always to enjoy what I’m doing, and I’ve definitely managed that.  And there’s still room for improvement for the rest of the year!

Look out for more posts to come on things I want to get involved in or improve on for the rest of the year.  For now though, I’m just going to enjoy my happiness for a while.  How about you?  have you had any luck with your New Year’s Resolutions, or have they changed completely?  Let me know, as always, in the comments.