Book Love: I am useless, but trying to be better

I have been a bit useless at the blog recently.  I have a nasty habit (which I really am trying to kick) of making a wonderful start on a project, then forgetting all about it and never quite getting round to carrying on.  This isn’t because I didn’t enjoy whatever the project happened to be, rather because, as I say, I can be a bit useless.  This attitude has left behind a long list of casualties including, but not limited to, cross-stitch, daily stretching, baking, and keeping a journal.

I am determined that blogging (and the reading project that makes it possible) will not join this list.

This is partly because, having proved hopeless at keeping a journal, I really want a record of this part of my life for the future, but mostly because I’ve heard from other bloggers that there are marvellous people out there on t’internet and I’ve already had some really lovely responses on the few posts I’ve put out there.

So I’m back for round 2!  And I have some catching up to do.  This is the other thing that tends to make me abandon ideas – I forget all about them, get behind schedule, and the prospect of catching up becomes far too daunting.  However, as a solution I’ve decided to try and let go of my perfectionist attitude (I said try, but make no promises!) and just get down what I can remember.  So while the following posts may not be the greatest book reviews in the world, they will at least exist!  Which is more than can be said for them at this present moment, as they are currently loitering in my brain, losing details at quite a rate of knots.

Yes, that’s right!  Despite my writing failure, the reading part of my challenge has continued apace.  Well, more apace than last year, anyway.  Apace by my standards.

Anticipating that this situation is relatively likely to reoccur in the future, I’ve created a brand spanking new page for the blog listing all the books I’ve been reading.  Hopefully this will mean that, even if I don’t make it to reviewing a book, there will still be a record of it.  Feel free to take a look for a sneak preview of what’s to come, or you could just wait with bated breath for the posts to come.  I’m sure everyone’s excited…