Beauty Love: Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mascara

Hello lovely people,

A bit of an experiment for my blog today – I’m going to have a go at a beauty post.  And a bit of an odd beauty post at that, because I’m lamenting the fact that my favourite mascara has been discontinued!  This post was triggered by me finding a tube in B&M today, which is brilliant for now as I managed to buy a backup, but further proof that I need to find a replacement soon…

Mascara is my desert island beauty product, the only thing I wear every day.  It was the only piece of makeup I took backpacking with me and was pretty much the only makeup I wore through the whole of my teenage years.  I’ve been using the Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mascara for years and am always disappointed when I try another.  It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what makes it so nice – it just seems to give a lovely overall effect and makes my eyes stand out without weighing down my lashes.

I have pretty average length eyelashes, not exactly short and stubby but not long either.  They don’t have much natural curl, so I really want my mascara to curl and lengthen.  I like a bit of volume, but not too much as I prefer them to look long and skinny than short and fat.  You can see how I wear this mascara in the picture below – with one coat my eyelashes are defined and stand out, while still looking natural.

The wand is a plastic one, which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste, but they seem to work better to create the effect I want.

Apologies for the picture quality by the way – my plan is to keep practising and eventually improve (fingers crossed!)

That’s my review over and done with – as you can probably tell, this is my ideal daytime mascara.  I do have a backup for myself of this mascara, which should hopefully last me a while, but I now have a plea for any suggestions that might be similar.  I really don’t think you can rely on cosmetics companies claims to judge the results of a product – the only way to tell is to try them out.  So any and all suggestions are most welcome – the hunt is on!

Just in case this has convinced you that you desperately need this mascara (poor timing, I know), it’s floating around the internet reduced to about £3 or £4 as Rimmel try to clear their stock.  There are a few at Cheap Smells here – I use shade 002 Brown Black, but the normal black one is just as nice.  I can’t vouch for the green!

Pretty please leave your recommendations below!  And let me know how you feel about beauty posts being mixed in with everything else.  I’ve become a little bit obsessed by beauty blogs and Youtube channels, but know I’d never manage to regularly update a separate beauty blog.  Hopefully this will work instead!